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Welcome to Nithyanadar - Blessed and only Potentate

Our God is a God of “Blessed” and only Potentate(1Timothy6:15) (supreme, power), the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. God has revealed himself in different Names to his Saints in the Old Testament .There are Many Names and its Meaning in the Bible. Such as,

ELOHIM is the very first title of God that you encounter in the Bible:

“IN THE beginning God (Prepared, Formed, and Fashioned) created the heavens and the earth.” (Gen1:1). The Hebrew translation for the name God is EL, or ELOHIM.EL is the Root word of ELOHIM, and it Describes God’s greatness and glory; it displays God’s Power and Sovereignty. But one of the divine names “Blessed which is translated in Tamil BibleNithyananda” 1 Timothy6:15 & 1 Timothy1:6 and also oxford dictionary it gives many meaning to the particular word.

Each of God’s unique Names reveals dynamic dimensions and miraculous Characteristics of His awesome power and unfailing, Endless love for us

In this website, I would like to expose the precious attributes of God and it’s important to the reader to understand and experience it in every movement of your day today and You will be Benefited throughout your Life Span.



Sahasranamavali acknowledges Jesus Christ

1.Ohm Shri Brahmaputraya namaha: Oh Lord, The Son of God, we praise you.  2.Ohm Shri Umathyaya namaha: Oh Lord who is born of the Spirit, we praise you.3.Ohm Shri kanni sudhaya namaha: Oh Lord who is born  of a virgin, we praise you. 4.Ohm Shri tharithra narayanaya namaha: Oh Lord who became poor for our sake,    we praise you.  5.Ohm Shri vidhiristaya namaha: Oh Lord who is circumcised, we praise you.6.Ohm Shri panchagayaya namaha: Oh Lord who bore five wounds on your body, we praise you.7.Ohm Shri vruksha shul aruthaya namaha: Oh Lord who offered yourself as a      sacrifice  on a  trishool-like tree (three headed spear), we praise you.8.Ohm Shri mruthyam jaya namaha: Oh Lord who got victory over death, we praise you.9.Ohm Shri shibilistaya namaha: Oh Lord who willingly offered your flesh to be eaten by  your saints, we praise you. 10.Ohm Shri thatchina moorthyaya namaha: Oh Lord who is seated by the side of the Father, we praise you.11.OhmShri maha devayaya namaha: Oh Lord who is Lord of lords, we praise you

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