Thertiriya Aranyaka 3rd pradatam says,“Sarvapapa pariharo raktha prokshna  mavasyam” which means, that the redemption is through shedding of blood only. For this purpose God allowed mankind to sacrifice animals, in order to make them realize that there is a penalty for everyone’s sins. Though the animal’s blood is not a substitute; it was expected that man would repent and turn away from his sinful ways by seeing the blood of the innocent animal which is being shed on his behalf. But mankind started practicing it just as a ritual, and thus came into condemnation.

                If mankind were to be saved from this predicament, as Thertiriya Aranyaka 3rd pradatam says again,”...thud raktham Paramatmena punyadana baliyagam” which means, that-blood has to be through the sacrifice of God himself. The Purusha Sukta says, there is no other way other than the sacrifice of Purusha Prajapathi. Purushao vava yagna (Chandokya Upanishad 3.16.1), God, the Purusha is the sacrifice. Sama Veda Dandiya Mahabhramanam says “Prajapathi devapyam aathmanam yagnam kruthva prayachita” which means God will offer himself as a sacrifice for the redemption of mankind. Sathpatha Bhramanam says Prajapathi yagnayaga”.

            It is the Prajapathi, the creator of the universe (Rig Veda 10.121), the great ‘I Am’ (Bruhat aranyaka Upanishad 1.4.1) who willed to become a sacrificial body (Br. Ar. Up 1.2.7) to be offered by saints as the sacrifice (Rig Veda 10.121.10).

            According to Gita 8:4“atradehe aham eva purusha adhiyajnam”, which means, I am the Purusha and I am the sacrifice in this body. Gita 9:16 says, “aham kratur aham yajnah svadhaham aham ausadham mantro ham evajyam aham agnir aham hutam”, which means, I am the sacrifice, I am the worship, I am the ancestral offering, I am the medicinal herb, I am the Vedic hymn, I am the sacrificial ingredient, I am the sacrificial fire and I am the sacrificial oblation too. 


Written by The word of Truth 

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