Vedas begin with the worship of gods of nature, namely;

  The terrestrial gods- Prithvi (earth), Agni (fire), Bruhaspati and Soma (plants).

  The atmospheric gods- Indra, Rudra, Maruts, Vayu and Parjanya (storm, thunder and rain).

  The celestial gods- Dyaus (heaven), Varuna, Ushas & Asvins (twilight morning stars)

      and Surya, Mitra, Savitri, Ka, Vishnu (all associated with the sun).

            As we have already seen, these gods were the result of man’s search for the truth, which finally culminated in the Purusha Prajapathi (Praja=people and pathi=Lord), the Creator. The Katha Upanishad 3:11 says, avvyakthath purusha parah purushanna param kinchith sa kastha sa paragathiwhich means that there is none superior to this Purusha and He is the paragathi(Only way to moksha). The Purusha in the Purusha Shuktam of the Rig Veda is called the Param Purusha that means the one and the only Supreme Being and He is the Lord of immortality.

            The 10th mandala of Rig Veda chapter 121 verse 10 says, Prajapathi Lord of life, Lord of Creatures and Lord of Creations.  This understanding  of  the Creator, made man to cry unto Him, as it is written in Bhruhat Aranyaka Upanishad (1.3.28) saying, “Asatoma sat gamaya, Tamasoma  Jyothir gamaya, Mruthyoma amrutham gamaya” which means, from untruth lead me to truth, from darkness lead me to light, from death lead me to eternal life.

            Deliverance from untruth, darkness and death is the basic need of every person.  The sages in the past testify that they were living in the shadow of vanity, darkness and death. They were seeking truth, light and eternal life, knowing fully well that they were mortals and the immortal gifts were beyond their reach; but they were also aware, that the Prajapathi or the Creator will have to help them to attain their goal. 


Written by The word of Truth 


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