MUKTI (Deliverance from sin) IS NOT BY KARMA OR DHARMA

            According to Bhagavat Gita, God does not accept karma either good or bad as far as redemption of aathma is concerned (B.G 2.50). Viveka Chudamani verse 147 says that, “neither weapons, nor wind, nor fire, nor millions of deeds can remove this bondage. Only the wonderful sword of knowledge that comes out of discrimination sharpened by the grace of God can destroy it”. Again verse 6 says;

             Vadhanthu shastrani yadhanthu devane, Kurvanthu karmani bajanthu devata, 
         Aatmaikayodena vinabpi mukitha, na chityathi bhramma shathanthrashpi.

Let them quote scriptures and sacrifice to gods; let them observe  rituals and worship devatas (gods); but there is no liberation at all; no, not even in a hundred lifespan of Brahma put together, until the identity of one’s self with the Divine Self is realized.

          Naham vedair na tapasa na danena na ejyaya
        sakya evamvidho drstavan asi mam yatha   (Gita 11:53),

which means, neither by Vedic study, nor by austerities, nor by charities, nor by sacrifices can one behold Me. Nor by any works that you have done.

            Atharva Veda(12.1.17) says, Though Dharma is good for the welfare of the society,  moksha (Salvation) is not possible through Dharma. Katha Upanishad 3:15 says, 

     asabtham aspersam aroobam avvyam dhtha arasam nithyam 
     ahandha vachya yath anadiyanandham mahatha param durvam nitchaya 
       dhanmruthyu mukthath pramoochyathe,

which means, one can not know God who has no beginning and end, either by sound, or by feel, or by eyes, or by smell, or by taste but by His grace. Avyaktatuparah purushoyagnatva muchyatae (Katha Upanishad 65:8) One who knows Purusha becomes free and attains immortality.

            To summarize the whole teachings of Gita, God alone is the only way to attain mukthi. Moksha is initiated by God (18:66). God calls the sinner to surrender, since He is the refuge (18:62,72,73). It is His grace that salvation is open to men and women regardless of their merits and demerits (11:47,18:58,5:18). The easiest way to find refuge in God is by complete surrender (18:62). A seeker can be liberated in this lifetime itself (4:21,23,41). Moksha is available even at the dying moments (8:5,18:66). 

            The Saint Pattinathar says, “O my Soul!  What’s the use of wearing the holy ash on the body, when you do not know how to be born again (spiritual rebirth). What have you seen in the seven million mantras, when you are still in the midst of the river not knowing how to reach the shore”. 


Written by The word of Truth 

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