After having reached this stage of knowing the truth, the next step is obviously to follow the truth, which will ultimately help mankind to attain mukti. It is at this stage, that man comes across the major hurdle, which is very well described in Prartha Snana Mantra,

          Papokam, papa kanmokam, papathma papa sambhava; 
          thrahimam  pundarikaksha sarva papa hari hare...          

which means, I am born in sin, doer of sin, and a sinful self; I am the worst of all sinners, Lord save me from all sins. Why sin is a hurdle? Because, it is an offense against God or society (Rig Veda 7.86.3). Sin is something done against brother, friend, neighbor or stranger (5.85.7,8). Even sleep does not remove evil doings (7.86.2-7). Even though I am in the midst of waters, I am thirsty forever. Be kind and grant me rest (7.89.4). Atharva Veda (6.45.1a) says: “O, sin in my mind why do you give me evil counsel? Get away, I do not desire you”. Sin has many names in Sanskrit Scriptures namely pap (sin), aagg (fire), dushkrit (evil deeds), thamas (darkness), prakrit (inborn nature), asathya (untruth) etc.

                The Bruhat Aranyaka Upanishad (4.3.8) says, that the Jeeva (soul) acquires evil, right at the birth.Rog Sog Dhuk Paritab Bhandan Vyasnanicha, Aatma aparatha Vrukshanam phalarh edhani dehinam (Mithralab 42), which means, what are the fruits of this sinful tree which is our body? Sickness, sorrow, pain, bondage and many other kinds of sins. No man is free from this bondage of sin. Gita confirms that all created beings on earth are under the bondage of sin and death (Gita 3:27,18:40). 

            In the Bhagavat Gita, the disciple Arjun asks his Guru Krishna:
     Atha kena prayukto yam papam carati purusha anichanapi varsaneya baladiva niyojitha

What is that, O scion of the varsni race; how does a man is prompted and forced to live a sinful life even against his will? Krishna answers him saying:

     Kama esa krodha esa rajoguna samudhbhavah maha sanao maha papma vidhi enam iha vairinam. It is the insatiable lust and anger born of rajoguna prompting man to great sin. Know this to be the enemy of spiritual life (B. Gita 3:36,37).


Written by The word of Truth 

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