Universal Purusha

            Bruhat Aranyaka Upanishad says, Vagyo vai  Brahma”, the word is Brahma (Creator). Brahmavindu Upanishad says, ”Shabdo vai Brahma”, the voice is Brahma and Shabdaksharam Param Brahma”, the voice and word became absolute God. The Yazur Veda 32:45,46 says, Poorvam Purusham Jatam, which means in the beginning Purusha was there. The Bible says, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God and the Word was made flesh (Pursha).

            From the Vedas and the Upanishads we can understand that there is only one Purusha in this Universe. KnowingPurusha as the Self and as the Guru (Master or Rabbi) is important. The word Guru is composed of two words as Gu and Ru. Gu means darkness or sin. Ru means destroyer. The following verse from Guru Gita 44 explains the Guru in this way:

         Gu kaarascandhakaa rohi Ru kaarasteja ueyate Agnanagroaakam brahma Gurureva na samsaya-h

This poem emphasis that Guru is God himself. A beautiful poem from Advayataaraka Upanishad 17,18 goes like this: Guru reva param brahma: Guru Himself is supreme God. Guru reva paraagathi:Guru Himself is the Supreme way. Guru reva paraavidya: Guru Himself is the Supreme knowledge. Guru reva praayanam: Guru Himself is the Supreme journey. Guru reva paraakashta: Guru Himself is the Supreme climax. Guru reva param dhanam:Guru Himself is the Supreme wealth. 

            These qualities and characteristics of a Guru that the ancient sages proclaimed can be found only in the man God (Purusha) Jesus Christ. Jesus said, “I am the light of the world. he that follows me shall not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life” John 8:12.

            Yoga has given the sadhus and sanyasis of India a great sense of satisfaction which comes from rigorous self-imposed discipline and self-denial of the physical body and the soul. These psychic exercises like kung-fu or karate can give immense physical power in addition to spiritual powers like working signs and miracles with the help of some unknown spirits. But unfortunately they are yet to realize the Self which was their primary aim. That is why Gita 17:6 says, 

                karsayantah sarira-stham bhuta-gramam acetasah mam 

                chaivantah-sarira-stham thanviddhy asura-niscayan

with vain conceited move by powerful passion and attachments, they perform various terrible mortifications contrary to scriptural injunctions. Thus do these senseless men torture their own bodies and Me dwelling in them. Know such persons to be of demoniac resolve.


Written by The word of Truth 

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