Vedic Requirement of Self Realization

            Katha Upanishad 65:8 says, Avyaktatuparah purushoyagnatva muchyatae: One who knows Purusha becomes free and attains immortality. Viveka Chudamani verse 6 says;

       Vadhanthu shastrani yadhanthu devane, Kurvanthu karmani bajanthu devata, 

          Aatmaikayodena vinabpi mukitha, na chityathi bhramma shathanthrashpi.

Let them quote scriptures and sacrifice to gods; let them observe  rituals and worship devatas (gods); but there is no liberation at all; no, not even in a hundred lifespan of Brahma put together, until the identity of one’s self with the Divine Self is realized. Again verse 56 says:

“na yogena na sankhyena karmanano na vidhya brahaat maikatva bodena moksha sidyate naanyata”

Neither by yoga, nor by knowledge, nor by karma or by learning, but by the realization of one’s own identity with God is liberation possible, and by no other means. Svetaasvatara Upanishad 3:8 says:

          Vedaaha metam purusham manantam Aaditya vamam tamasah-h parastat

          tameva viditvati mutu meti naanyah panthaa vidyate-ayanaaya

I know the mighty Purusha of the color of the sun beyond the darkness. Only in knowing Him does one Passover death.  There is no other way leading to eternal life. 


Written by The word of Truth 

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